Pennsylvania Bridges Crack Under the Weight of Stagnant Thinking

Pennsylvania Bridges Crack Under the Weight of Stagnant Thinking

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State College, Pa, April 25 – This morning, state Auditor General Eugene DePasquale announced that the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is unable to fix thousands of structurally unsound roads and bridges because of a $790 million budget shortfall. Mr. DePasquale said money from the Motor License Fund was earmarked for PennDOT, but because State Police funding was not prioritized, the legislature diverted the money earmarked for repairs of nearly 2,800 roads and bridges to pay for the police.

“The PennDOT funding crisis shows why we need a committed infrastructure program in Washington,” said Marc Friedenberg. “PennDOT does not have adequate resources to protect our state from dangerous infrastructure deficiencies because our State Police force is also badly underfunded. That’s why I support creating a dedicated infrastructure bank, so the state and our communities could borrow capital to make the repairs they need at a reasonable cost and we could ensure our police had the resources they need to protect public safety.”

With a background in technology development, Marc pledges to bring more innovation to the job of Congressman. “Washington is stuck in its thinking,” said Friedenberg. “There are too many battles over old ideas and a lack of focus on what really matters to the people. I will fight to develop our infrastructure, stop our brain drain, and help create an economic environment conducive to starting and building businesses.”

Marc also calls for federal funding to improve the Williamsport Levee project so it can be re-certified and residents flood insurance rates do not rise.The Special Election for the 12th Congressional District will take place May 21, 2019. You may find Marc’s platform and upcoming events at

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