Q&A with Stephen Herzenberg on the Minimum Wage

Q&A with Stephen Herzenberg on the Minimum Wage

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In place of my normal weekly Facebook Live Q&A, I wanted to share this Q&A focused on the minimum wage which I conducted on Friday, January 19 with Stephen Herzenberg, the Executive Director of the Keystone Research Center (KRC), a Pennsylvania-based, independent, non-partisan economic research and policy organization. I learned a lot from Dr. Herzenberg in the course of our discussion of how the economy has been rigged against the interest of everyday working Pennsylvanians. I hope you find it informative, as well.

Since this is a pre-recorded interview, Dr. Herzenberg has graciously agreed to answer questions submitted in the Facebook comments below, as his schedule allows.

In the video, we make reference to several KRC publications, which are linked below; I encourage you to review them.

The State of Working PA 2017: https://www.keystoneresearch.org/…/files/KRC_SWP%202017_Fin…

The Agenda to Raise PA’s Pay: https://www.keystoneresearch.org/…/SWP17_RaisePennsylvanias…

The Pennsylvania Minimum Wage 2018: https://www.keystoneresearch.org/…/fi…/KRC_MinWage2018_0.pdf

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