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We will provide you with the nominating sheets and, if you would like, a list of registered Democrats in your area. Petitions signatures must be collected exclusively between February 13 and March 6; you and any signatories must be registered Democrats (you can register instantly online), and the signatories must live in the Fifth Congressional District. The primary will be held on May 15.

We will also provide detailed instructions, including in-person trainings, for those who would like to collect petition signatures. It isn’t terribly difficult, but there are a few traps for the unwary (for example, if the signatory’s name is “James,” but they write “Jim,” the signature will not count).

Signature Social Event

We will be holding a social event on Saturday, January 27 at LionTutors (443 E. College Ave, Suite 380, State College). It will be a chance to meet the campaign team, enjoy coffee and donuts, and get trained on how to collect petition signatures. We hope you can join us.