Marc Madness

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MArc Madness decorative illustration

There is precious little time before the Special Election on May 21st, and we have a lot of voters to contact. To keep our momentum going, we are going to be holding our very own Marc Madness event.

Volunteers who make phone calls or knock on doors between March 30th and April 8th will compete against one another in a bracket for democracy!

Each door you knock or number you dial is worth points, and at the end, the volunteers with the most points will win prizes.

You can always make calls from home at our Phonebanking page.

Find events and canvassing opportunities all over the 12th District on our Events page, including the following:

Phonebank or Canvass in Lock Haven
Saturdays: 12pm

Phonebank or Canvass at Lemont HQ
Monday – Friday: 10am, 1pm, 5pm
Saturdays: 10 & 1pm
Sundays: 1pm

Phonebank or Canvass at Williamsport HQ
Monday – Friday: 10am, 1pm, 4pm
Saturdays: 10 & 1pm
Sundays: 1PM

Canvass in Coudersport
Monday Apr. 1: 4:30PM

Canvass in Wellsboro
Sundays: 1pm

RSVP to any of these, see the rest of our events, or sign up to make calls from home by visiting our Events page.

We can’t win this election without you, thank you!