Marc for PA App

Marc for PA App 2018-01-22T20:23:36+00:00

Marc Friedenberg is seeking the Democratic nomination to represent Pennsylvania’s Fifth Congressional District. Marc is also an assistant teaching professor of information sciences and technology, and believes strongly in the power of technology to connect people in meaningful ways. This is the official campaign app; at launch, it includes a “How I’d Spend $1.5 Trillion” simulation of the federal budget, as well as ways to sign up to receive campaign updates. In the future, it will be updated to include other unique ways of sharing important information that voters will need in order to make informed decisions.

The app loads with the GOP plan

Next, you can remove elements of the GOP plan and select from some more progressive alternatives. Spend more or less than $1.5 trillion – it’s entirely up to you!

When you’re done, share your tax plan with the world on Facebook!

To see the full dataset and underlying sources, view “Marc for PA App: Tax Data.”