Fred Keller Gets Paid By Taxpayers For Skipping Work

Fred Keller Gets Paid By Taxpayers For Skipping Work

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Despite claiming that his work in Harrisburg would come before his campaign for Congress, State Representative Fred Keller missed well-over one hundred votes and 10 legislative days. This is a dereliction of duty and a fraud to the people of his district.

In an interview on WKOK after declaring himself a candidate, Fred Keller said “I will continue to serve the people, that is first and foremost what I do. I have my committee assignments, I’m still doing all the work, that comes first. Campaigning for another office is secondary.” At the 50:15 mark on 2/9/19

“Fred Keller is taking taxpayer money for work he does not perform while talking about the values he’ll take to Washington,” said Claire Gray, Campaign Manager for Marc Friedenberg for Congress. “Clearly those values do not include keeping your word or putting in an honest day’s work for a day’s wage. Why else would he be ripping off his constituents?”

It raises serious questions about whether he can be trusted to follow-through on his pledges as a Congressman. If Fred Keller cannot be trusted to show up for work when he says he will and is paid to do, then how can he be trusted to protect Social Security from right wing attacks, ensure pre-existing coverage when the Republican leadership has consistently voted against it, and push for an infrastructure bill when Republicans in Congress already say they do not want it.

Said Gray, “Fred Keller is clearly just another Washington Swamp Monster form the Harrisburg Lagoon.”

Fred Keller was nominated on March 2nd. Since then he has missed 10 legislative days and 114 votes:

5/7: missed 22 votes

5/1: missed 23 votes

4/16: missed 8 votes

4/10: missed 8 votes

4/9: missed 11 votes

3/27: missed 11 votes

3/26: missed 6 votes

3/20: missed 12 votes

3/13: missed 3 votes

3/12: missed 10 votes


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