Friedenberg For Congress Earns Farm Women United Endorsement

Friedenberg For Congress Earns Farm Women United Endorsement

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Marc Friedenberg, candidate for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 12th district, is proud to announce the endorsement of the Farm Women United.

The Farm Women United cited Friedenberg’s agricultural policy, which will help the “viability of rural communities and the consumers’ fresh, local, food supply.”  The organization said it endorsed, “Based on the interaction of the candidates with FWU and responses received from both candidates.”

“I am proud to stand with Farm Women’s United in their work to support our nation’s farms,” said Marc Friedenberg. “Our nation’s farmers, farm suppliers and rural communities are facing a destructive economic emergency that worsens everyday. Our family farms are being ignored by Washington, which implements policy that instead favors large corporate farms. Our dairy farmers and family farmers deserve better and I will fight for them if elected to Congress.

Farm Women United seeks to maintain a serious, honest, and open dialogue, giving a voice to farmers who are the stewards of the earth and the foundation of any free and civilized society. Farm Women United seeks to restore cultural respect for farmers which will result in a just and equitable value being placed on the life sustaining food which we produce and allow farmers to continue to produce food with dignity.

The Special Congressional election will take place on May 21st. Independents may vote in the election even though they can not participate in the primary.

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