U.S. Senator Casey and Marc Friedenberg Promote Rural Agenda in Duncannon

U.S. Senator Casey and Marc Friedenberg Promote Rural Agenda in Duncannon

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At a campaign stop to support Marc Friedenberg’s Congressional campaign in the 12th District, U.S. Senator Bob Casey expressed support for Friedenberg’s rural agenda.

Friedenberg’s agenda includes a commitment to improving our schools, attracting higher paying jobs by building and repairing our infrastructure, expanding broadband access for businesses, farms, and schools, protecting Social Security and protecting health care.

“Marc’s agenda will be of enormous benefit to the people of the 12th District,” said U.S. Senator Bob Casey. “If elected, Marc will make an excellent Congressman who will help protect Social Security and fight to create new opportunities for his constituents. He is the only candidate in the race focused on creating better jobs and building the local economy.”

Senator Casey and Friedenberg stopped at the Ranch House Restaurant in Duncannon to discuss the issues with the public. Included in the crowd were retired teachers and union workers.

“The rural areas of this district have long been ignored by their Republican Congressmen,” said Marc Friedenberg. “My agenda will build on the great work that Senator Casey is already doing on behalf of the district. Expanding broadband, building infrastructure, and protecting vital programs like Social Security, are critical to creating jobs and moving the district forward.”

More on Friedenberg’s Rural Agenda:

  • Infrastructure: Companies will not move to the rural areas unless we provide them with better road systems and other critical infrastructure. Marc is committed to reducing the time it takes to move material through the district and provide incubator space for businesses to start up. He is also committed to ensuring our levees are certified. This will also decrease flood insurance rates, and is vital to securing our communities that face increased flooding from climate change.
  • Education: Unlike his opponent, Marc does not sneer at professional educators. Marc will ensure that teachers have the resources they need, and the support they deserve, as they educate the next generation of workers regardless of the location and the average income of the school district.
  • Protecting Social Security: Marc will fight against any and all efforts to eliminate Social Security or make changes in benefits. Individuals have contributed to it, and they deserve to keep their money.
  • Health Care: Help care is a human right and Marc will fight to make insurance more affordable and give people better health care options. Marc’s plan is to give individuals, families and businesses the opportunity to buy into the Medicare plan.
  • Small Farms:  The 2018 Farm bill favored factory farms outside of Pennsylvania and imposes work requirements for SNAP benefits, even though two-thirds of SNAP participants are children, the elderly, or people with disabilities. Additionally, we must do more to stop the overregulation of small farms. Most regulations are created by people with good intentions, but many aren’t scalable to small operations.
  • Broadband: Everyone needs access to fast, affordable broadband to run their homes and businesses. Federal loans and grants can be used to provide for fiber optic connectivity to every home and business in our district.

The special election takes place on May 21st to fill Rep. Tom Marino’s vacated seat. Marc Friedenberg, if elected to Congress, would be the first cybersecurity expert in the Congressional history.

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