No, Really, Fred Keller Does Want To Cut Social Security And Health Care

No, Really, Fred Keller Does Want To Cut Social Security And Health Care

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Lemont, Pa, April 22 — The Marc Friedenberg campaign said today that voters should not be fooled by Fred Keller’s attempts to paint himself as a defender of health care and Social Security. Despite his claims to the contrary, Fred Keller will destroy Social Security, roll back Medicaid expansion, and eliminate the health care options that hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians utilize everyday for their health care.

When asked today by the Sunbury Daily Item’s editorial board whether he would cut health insurance and Social Security benefits, Fred Keller claimed that he would never “advocate for touching any of the benefits that are in place.”

Yet he has a long history of doing just that.

In 2012 Keller wrote a letter urging then-Governor Corbett to “opt out of the Medicaid provision of the ACA,” which meant passing up billions in dollars in funding and leaving almost 800,000 Pennsylvanians without health insurance.

When asked about the corporate tax cuts that were given to the wealthiest Americans and corporations in 2017, Keller defended the cuts even though their costs are now being used by his party as the rationale to cut Social Security benefits.

Finally, he is considered a champion by the Club for Growth, a radical group of wealthy individuals who want to eliminate the Affordable Care Act and destroy Social Security as we know it.

“It is unbelievable that Fred Keller would try to remake himself as the savior of Social Security and health care when he has spent his career hammering the middle and working classes,” said Claire Gray, Friedenberg Campaign Manager. “Fred Keller is in lockstep with the most fringe elements of his party who want to destroy the safety net this country has had in place since the Great Depression. He is coming for the services we provide to our most vulnerable: those with low incomes and the elderly. Pennsylvanians cannot afford to send this Harrisburg insider to Washington.”

The Special Election for the 12th Congressional District will take place May 21, 2019. You may find Marc’s platform and upcoming events at

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