Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman Endorses Marc Friedenberg for PA-12

Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman Endorses Marc Friedenberg for PA-12

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Lemont, Pa., April 16 –- Marc Friedenberg, Democratic candidate for Congress, is proud to announce his endorsement from Pennsylvania’s Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman. Speaking of Friedenberg while on his 67-county listening tour of Pennsylvania, Lt. Governor Fetterman highlighted Friedenberg’s priorities including safeguarding Social Security and protecting Medicare for working families in the district.

“I thank Lt. Gov. Fetterman for the support he is giving me, and for the belief he has in our campaign,” said Friedenberg “He truly knows the importance of meeting every voter where they are and hearing the concerns of every constituent. I’m proud that I am continuing that tradition by visiting every county in the district, and speaking with bipartisan groups about the issues that matter to all of us in the 12th district: protecting social security, repairing our infrastructure, making sure everyone has access to affordable health care and creating good paying jobs.”

The Special Election for the 12th Congressional District will take place May 21, 2019. You may find Marc’s platform and upcoming events at



[Marc Friedenberg]: Hi this is Marc Friedenberg, candidate in the 12th congressional district special election on May 21st, and I’m very excited to be here today with our Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman.

[Lt. Gov. Fetterman]: It’s an honor to be here with you, Marc, and the entire country is paying attention to this special election, and we have a great opportunity to send somebody to Washington that really cares about fundamental fairness, whether it’s access to health care, Social Security, Medicare, Marc is going to go to Washington and safeguard those programs. This is an open election on May 21st, Republicans, Democrats can all vote in this race, and vote for somebody that’s standing up for working families in this District.

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