Marc Friedenberg Criticizes Keller for Aligning With Those Threatening Social Security

Marc Friedenberg Criticizes Keller for Aligning With Those Threatening Social Security

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Lemont, PA., April 15 — On Tax Day 2019, Marc Friedenberg, Congressional candidate in Pennsylvania’s 12th District, released a video on Facebook criticizing his opponent’s alignment with “radical members” of his party who want to pay for the most recent corporate tax cuts by destroying Social Security. Friedenberg discussed the corrupt “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” passed in 2017, which gave large tax breaks to corporations and wealthy individuals, but did not have a mechanism to pay for it.

Cutting Social Security To Pay For Tax Cuts

It’s the end of tax season!

In the video below I discuss the 2017 tax bill — the badly named “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” — and how my opponent is in lockstep with the most radical members of his party who are using its unfathomable debt to justify raiding Social Security.

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The Special Election for the 12th Congressional District will take place May 21, 2019. You may find Marc’s platform and upcoming events at


It’s the end of tax season and I hope most of you were able to get your taxes in without too much trouble!

I don’t know about you, but I sure wasn’t able to file on a postcard like the President promised.

But as we calculate our taxes it becomes clear that the middle and working classes are paying too much and the people at the top of the economy are contributing less than their fair share.

Tonight I’d like to speak with you about the tax bill passed in 2017 – the poorly named “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act”.

I say it’s poorly named because it didn’t create any jobs and the tax cuts only went to the richest corporations and the richest Americans, and it didn’t do nearly anything for middle and working class families.

This corrupt bill was sold to America as a way to grow the economy by giving more money to the CEO’s, with some of it meant to trickle down into the pockets of the little guy.

Well – you know the story, you received nothing from this tax cut but your kids and mine are going to get the trillion-dollar bill.

Because the government created no mechanism to pay for it, other than increasing the nation’s debt.

It hammers small business and makes insurance more expensive and will cost our nation dearly in the years to come.

What did the rest of us get for the trillion dollars in debt? Not much.

My opponent Fred Keller, is in lockstep with the most radical members of his party: Those who want to destroy your social security and take away the money you already put in to the system.

That’s right – they are targeting your social security – to pay for a tax cut for the richest people in this country.

Only 4.4% of workers got a pay raise out of the tax bill – this includes CEO pay increases. These employees received $7.1 billion. While that may seem like a lot, it’s really not.

Companies got back billions in profits and invested in stock buy backs to the tune of $750 billion.

This raised the price of stock, making it harder for the average worker to invest in the market, and benefited only the richest of Americans.

If Fred Keller has his way, you will see your Social Security destroyed, your health insurance rates go up, and your kids being forced to pay off a trillion dollars in debt.

This poorly designed law did little to address the fundamental flaws with the economy and keeps helping the rich at the expense of working families. It’s time for change and it’s time for something new.

Why should we send Harrisburg to Washington?

I’m Marc Friedenberg and I’m running for Congress in the Special Election this May in Pennsylvania’s 12th District.

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