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As an educator, I know how vital education is to the future of our district and our country. Right now, our educational system is under attack. Decades of federal policy that takes from the middle class to give breaks to the rich has left communities struggling with poverty, and the K-12 schools have suffered as a result. With public schools struggling, privately-owned charter school companies are set to pounce on your tax dollars. These companies have bought their way into the Department of Education and the halls of Congress, with the goal of using your tax dollars to prop up their profit margins.

If you ask me, our kids’ education shouldn’t be for sale to a private company that gets to pick its students, control what they learn, and refuse to listen to parents and voters. As your Congressman, I will vote to expand federal funding for K-12 schools in our district, especially in the rural communities that need more resources and more teachers. The problem isn’t that we don’t have enough tests or enough standards — we demand more of our kids and their teachers than we ever have. The problem is poverty, and I want to take the fight against poverty to Congress.

Our district is also home to outstanding colleges and universities, including Penn State, Lock Haven, Penn Tech, and Bucknell. We need a member of Congress who will help the higher education system in our area grow, including community and vocational colleges. We need a member of Congress who will bring federal research money to our universities, encouraging the next generation of scientists and scholars to make breakthroughs in areas like energy, medicine, and technology.

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