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I believe that clean air and water are a right for all human beings, and I accept the scientific consensus that climate change poses a threat to our future on this planet. Unfortunately for us, Tom Marino seems to disagree. In the last three years alone, Tom Marino has voted to eliminate common-sense rules that stop huge industrial companies from polluting the air we breathe and the water we drink. He voted to eliminate protections for wildlife refuges and public lands. He voted over and over again in favor of fossil fuel giants and against renewable energy initiatives.

As your representative in Congress, here’s what I’ll do instead. I will restore our pollution laws to protect our air, and crack down on fossil fuel companies that have injected dangerous chemicals into our rivers and streams through fracking. I will empower environmental and wildlife protection agencies to do their jobs. I will vote to protect our public lands, which will be the backbone of Pennsylvania’s tourism economy for years to come. The environmental challenges we face here in our district also present us with a great opportunity to join the next energy revolutionPennsylvania is lagging behind the rest of the country on green jobs, and I will put people to work building up our renewable energy infrastructure in wind and solar. If we commit to a future focused on clean energy, we can hire the army of manufacturing professionals, construction workers, and equipment operators we’ll need to maintain it.

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