Friedenberg Focus On… Nick Jacobson

Friedenberg Focus On… Nick Jacobson

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Nick is a 44 year-old man trapped in the body of a rising senior at Lewisburg Area High School. He’s also a crackerjack field organizer, with a fierce devotion to progressive campaigns and a Rushmore-esque collection of extracurricular activities. He’s been involved with campaigns for about five years, which works out to roughly a third of his life. It’s fair to say he’s wise beyond his years. I’m really lucky to have him on the team.

I met Nick in April at a school safety rally that he and a few of his fellow classmates organized in Sunbury. I was struck by his poise and passion as a speaker, and as an advocate for sensible gun law reforms.

This summer, Nick has worked tirelessly for this campaign, helping to research endorsements, organizing canvasses, and even accompanying me to Thompson for the parade. I wish I had been as involved at Nick’s age as he is, but I’m glad to know that the future of the party is in good hands.

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