Friedenberg Focus On… Becky Friedenberg

Friedenberg Focus On… Becky Friedenberg

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In past issues of Friedenberg Focus, I’ve expressed gratitude for the help I’ve gotten from great people I’ve met since I started the campaign. This week, I’d like to express gratitude for the help of somebody I’ve known since high school: my wife Becky.

Being a candidate’s wife is hard work. There are some moments in the sun, like at the Union County Veterans Parade (pictured above), but most of the work is thankless and involves keeping our family running while I’m working in the office or traveling across the district. It’s not fair, and it comes with only a volunteer’s salary, but Becky is handling it like a champ.

She set an example for me by attending the Women’s March in Washington in 2017 (the first time either of us had participated in anything like that), because she’s as worried as I am about the country we’re going to leave behind for our daughters. In the months that followed, she encouraged me to run for office, because she knows that I’m not content to sit back and hope that other people will take care of what needs to get done.

This public display of gratitude is really just a token. The best way I can show my gratitude is by working hard, setting a good example for our kids, and winning this race. I love you, Becky.

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