Immigration Town Hall

Immigration Town Hall

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Over the past few weeks the Trump administration has implemented an aggressive family separation policy that resulted in over 2,000 migrant children being taken from their parents at our southern border. The President recently signed an executive order that will reportedly halt the immediate practice of separating parents from their children. However, it is clear that President Trump’s order is not a comprehensive solution to the immigration crisis and it cannot make up for the thousands of families that have been torn apart.

Accordingly, I’m holding an Immigration Town Hall to bring the national conversation about immigration reform to our community. The Town Hall will be held on Saturday, June 30 from 4p to 4:45p at The State Theatre, 130 W. College Ave., State College, PA 16803.

The purpose of the town hall will be to discuss and answer questions about the immigration laws and policies currently at stake. Among topics covered will be the impact of President Trump’s executive order, the currently proposed legislation in Congress, and how these affect our community.

I’m pleased to announce that we’ll be joined by Vice Admiral Joseph Sestak, who served for more than 30 years in the U.S. Navy before serving as the representative in Congress for Pennsylvania’s 7th District from 2007 to 2011. Vice Admiral Sestak was the highest-ranking military official ever elected to Congress at the time of his election. He has an impressive record of advocating for immigration reform as a moral imperative, economic necessity, and matter of national security.

The town hall will be immediately followed by a March for Migrant Justice in conjunction with the national Families Belong Together movement. The march will be held from 5:00p to 6:00p, at the Allen Street Gates. The town hall is sure to engage and educate community members and activists on this issue so that they can march as educated allies to all those affected by this crisis.

The following resources from Penn State Law’s Center for Immigrants’ Rights Clinic are excellent:

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