Friedenberg Focus On… Andrew Uhring

Friedenberg Focus On… Andrew Uhring

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This #ThankfulTuesday is for Andrew Uhring. Andrew has been with the campaign from day one, moving up (or perhaps down, depending on your point of view) the ranks from campaign aide, to social media director, to volunteer co-coordinator, and now to field organizer. Andrew is a student at Penn State and a Bellefonte native, and has been active in Penn State College Democrats.

Beneath his millennial ironic meme-speak, Andrew has a wonderful, positive attitude. There’s no challenge too big for him to take on, and he’s always willing to try something new. He’s a fast learner, he’s reliable, and he is willing to devote all of his time to good progressive causes; who could ask for more?

Also, I know these graphics are silly, but I’m sticking with them. Sort of like how I stick with Andrew.

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