Friedenberg Focus On… Johnna Purcell

Friedenberg Focus On… Johnna Purcell

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Here’s my second #ThankfulTuesday spotlight on someone who has gone above and beyond in helping the campaign.


Johnna has a wisdom far beyond her years. Though she graduated from Penn State only last month and will be starting at Cornell Law School in the fall, Johnna has the expertise and the drive to help me make the transition from a primary campaign to the general election.

As campaign manager since just after the primary, Johnna is my primary point of contact for, well, everything, and she has handled the job like a pro. She’s smart, grounded, dedicated, and hardworking. I’m not surprised, though: in her prior role as one of my campaign’s volunteer co-coordinators, Johnna knew how to take control and get things done, which included developing the ability to drive to Juniata County for canvassing pretty much in her sleep.

Johnna would like to make sure you do not read the interview with her in this 2016 New Yorker feature on first-time voters.

Keep an eye out for Johnna Purcell in the years ahead; she’ll be doing great things, and I’m lucky to have her help while I can get it.

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