All Are Equal Before the Law

All Are Equal Before the Law

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Last week I wrote about how Wall Street banks have been able to use their power to rewrite the rules in their favor. They want one set of rules for themselves, and a different set of rules for everyone else. This is fundamentally unfair, and is another example of why so many Americans, myself included, feel like the system has been rigged against them. Protections that had been put in place after a disaster—the financial crisis of 2008—were being disregarded.

On Monday morning, President Trump stated that he has “the absolute right to PARDON” himself. With this statement, he is laying the groundwork for disregarding protections in the Constitution put in place by the Founding Fathers. They fought to gain independence from a monarchy and to create a better system of government. That is why they created a system of checks and balances, and required the president to faithfully execute the laws created using that system.

I refuse to allow this system to be overturned by any president, Democratic or Republican. There cannot be one set of rules for the president, and a different set of rules for everyone else.

The time for members of Congress to stand up and defend the Constitution is now. The Constitution and its system of protections must be respected before they are violated, not after. Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) understands this, which is why she said on Monday that it would be “a tremendous abuse of [presidential] authority” to self-pardon. If your member of Congress hasn’t spoken up yet, you should ask them why they haven’t.

I’m running for Congress because I want to improve the lives of the people in this district. I want to help create jobs, improve education, and fix our healthcare system. The Founders gave us a rulebook—the Constitution—that describes how those things can be accomplished, and we’ll only succeed if everyone plays fairly. I promise I’ll do nothing less.

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