Letter: Time to Clean House

Letter: Time to Clean House

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I urge all Democrats in Pennsylvania’s new 12th District to get to the polls on Tuesday, May 15, and cast a vote for Marc Friedenberg for Congress.

Marc was born and raised in Pennsylvania, earned undergraduate degrees at Penn State and his law degree from Columbia University. He now teaches cybersecurity at Penn State.

As our representative in Congress, he will support adequate funding for public schools, an increase in the minimum wage, and healthcare for all.

As Democrats, we need to elect Marc to run against Rep. Thomas Marino, who accepted more than $100,000 in campaign contributions from Big Pharma while, at the same time, he authored and promoted the Ensuring Patient Access and Effective Drug Enforcement Act, which effectively removed oversight of drug distribution. Its hands tied, the DEA was unable to stop the mass flow of opioids into our communities.

Marc will fight to repeal that dangerous piece of legislation and work toward a sustained and comprehensive federal approach to addressing the nation’s opioid crisis.

It’s time for a change in Pennsylvania! Tom Marino has been in office too long. Marc Friedenberg is not a career politician. He’s a husband and father, a well-informed and hard-working citizen-activist who will offer fresh perspective and energy as our representative in Washington.

Marc Friedenberg is the Democrat who can win against Tom Marino in November.

For our future, and for the health and economy of our communities, join me in voting for Marc in the May 15th primary.

Heather Ricker-Gilbert


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