Democrats debate in Lewisburg

Democrats debate in Lewisburg

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LEWISBURG — Democrat Marc Friedenberg appeared in Lewisburg Monday night for Candidates Night.

Friedenberg, 34, said the attempted repeal illustrated a deeper problem in the system of government.


“When you look a little deeper, I think the main difference is between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots,’” he said. “Many of the ‘haves’ are more than willing to pay their fair share, but…the party is being manipulated (and) Congress is being manipulated as part of this war on the ‘have-nots.’”

 Friedenberg said economics could provide a common ground to bridge a current divide.

“My father is an educated man, but he is a climate science denier,” Friedenberg said. “But he invested in 40 solar panels for the home where I grew up because he understood the common sense of economics. He saw a 15-year return on investment.”


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