Democratic candidates welcomed in Lewistown

Democratic candidates welcomed in Lewistown

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From the Lewistown Sentinel:

LEWISTOWN – As the Mifflin County Democratic Committee is gearing up for the primaries, a meet the candidates was held Sunday afternoon at the Lewistown Elks Lodge.

Marc Friedenberg is a candidate for the 12th congressional district. Friedenberg began his collegiate education at Penn State University, then continued to Columbia University, where he earned his law degree. He spent time in New York City “fighting Wall Street banks,” until he and his wife decided it was time to settle down and have a family. Friedenberg wishes to remove the stigma from the opioid crisis and to treat victims with “sympathy and long-term counseling.”

“I am all about transparency and responsiveness,” he said. “I do not have a fear of debating. I do live videos on Facebook and have my cell phone number available for anyone who wants to talk to me.”

Friedenberg shared his concerns with cybersecurity, power grid and other electronic-based infrastructure.

He believes internet access should be more easily obtained in rural areas. Finally, Friedenberg addressed gun safety and stated that high capacity magazines should be prohibited.

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