Scott Pruitt: Corrupt and Dangerous

Scott Pruitt: Corrupt and Dangerous

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It’s time for Scott Pruitt to resign.

You would think that the head of the Environmental Protection Agency might have some interest in protecting the environment. Instead, Pruitt has abused his office to pump up the profits of giant industrial polluters, with total disregard for the quality of our air and water or for the future of our planet.

Pruitt is rewriting the record book for shameless government corruption. Here are just a few of his greatest hits:

  • Wasted hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on staff bonuses, office upgrades, and first-class flights to lobby for oil and gas companies in foreign countries.
  • Leased an expensive D.C. apartment for next to nothing, courtesy of the wife of an energy lobbyist.
  • Had auto executives join him on stage to announce the rollback of common-sense vehicle emission standards.
  • Repeatedly denied the role of carbon emissions in climate change, even though lawmakers from both parties have accepted the scientific consensus that our way of life on Earth is in danger because of industrial pollution.

Scott Pruitt’s continued employment is a total embarrassment to our country. Our planet—and our wallets—can’t afford another year of such a corrupt, shameless, and dangerous individual running the EPA.


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