Fair and equal internet coverage

Fair and equal internet coverage

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It was the Federal Communications Commission that repealed the net neutrality rules, not Congress. But Rep. Glenn Thompson did indeed oppose the very concept of net neutrality in a speech on the floor of Congress. You can find it at https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BISOCHjEGB4.

Contrary to what Thompson said, net neutrality is not “government overreach.” Net neutrality is exactly what our government should be doing: guaranteeing fair and open internet access for all of us. Thompson’s rural constituents have the most at risk if giant technology and internet companies decide to charge more or no longer service smaller out of the way areas. Net neutrality guarantees all of us will always receive fair and equal internet coverage.

Marc Friedenberg, instructor in Penn State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology, and candidate to run for Congress from our 5th District, understands all of this. Thompson does not. It will be very interesting to hear Thompson explain his stance against net neutrality to his constituents if he and Friedenberg meet in a debate.

Rural Pennsylvanians cannot afford to be left behind in the internet age. Net neutrality guaranteed they would receive fair and equal internet access. Thanks to Thompson, this is no longer the case.



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