Friedenberg gets internet, technology

Friedenberg gets internet, technology

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ongress recently voted to eliminate net neutrality, an enormous mistake that will have far-reaching negative consequences for rural Pennsylvanians. Many will find themselves stuck in the internet slow lane.

An open, accessible, fast and safe internet is essential for communications, education, small businesses, security and almost every aspect of modern life.

But this is what happens when representatives in Congress make laws about an industry they don’t understand. This is what happens when we have congressmen like Glenn Thompson, who don’t understand technology, or even the right questions to ask, voting to eliminate net neutrality anyway.

We need a representative in Congress who actually understands the internet and cybersecurity. That’s why we need to elect Marc Friedenberg to represent us in Congress.

Marc has two degrees in information sciences and technology from Penn State, and a law degree from Columbia University. He would be one of the few members of Congress who understands both the legal and the technological aspects of our computer-based world. He understands who the winners (big corporations) and the losers (people) are of repealing net neutrality.

Almost every day now we are reminded of the threats cyberattacks pose to our democracy. We can’t afford to have Congressmen like Glenn Thompson who vote on issues they simply don’t understand. Glenn Thompson represents yesterday. Marc Friedenberg represents tomorrow.

Technology is changing our lives in dramatic ways. We need a representative who understands these changes. We need Marc Friedenberg as our representative in Congress.


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