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This afternoon I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Sharon Perry, Director of the State College Area High School Career and Technical Center (CTC). Dr. Perry and her team have done a phenomenal job bringing coursework, real-world training, and career placement opportunities to students in an amazing array of programs: accounting and finance; agricultural science; architectural drafting and design; automotive technology; building construction; computer networking; computer programming; culinary arts; diversified occupations; engineering technology early childhood; health professions/sports therapy and exercise science; marketing; and supply chain management.

What I found most impressive is that students in the CTC program don’t only learn a trade: their training is integrated into their core curriculum, and students learn how to be part of a team, how to solve problems, how to be an ethical decision maker, and so much more.

The CTC program at SCAHS has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years, and Dr. Perry explained that there is a particular need for more trainers in the healthcare and computer programming and networking areas. We need to provide funding for these trainers, because every dollar spent on programs like CTC is an investment in our children and our community.


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