Lori Bedell endorses Marc Friedenberg for Congress

Lori Bedell endorses Marc Friedenberg for Congress

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I’m humbled to receive Lori Bedell‘s endorsement. Thank you, Lori!

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The idea that the 5th District has a real possibility for change is inspiring.

For too long, the notion that legislators should listen to constituents, hear their concerns, and see them and their families and the struggles they face, has been made to seem like an unreasonable expectation. To live in this district has been frustrating; it’s made me feel as though nothing I experienced or said mattered—that the machinations of political party drove decision-making, not common sense or the public good. No matter the letters or phone calls, I had no reason to believe that our congressman would listen or do anything other than vote a party line that did not reflect my values or experience. He appeared, time and again, to approach questions and votes with pre-packaged decisions, to simply “get in line” and use party talking points to disregard lived experiences and facts.

A new day is dawning. The idea that we have a chance to put Marc Friedenberg in office to represent the 5th District means our voices will matter, that decisions will be made based on listening to you and me, not party leaders.

Well before Marc decided to run, before I even knew him, I noticed and was wowed by his energy, intellect, and grasp of the issues and the way they affect the people of our communities. I was inspired at the way he created opportunities for voices to be heard; he literally handed people microphones.

I care very deeply about the future of our communities. It’s a reason I decided to run for the State College Area School Board this past election cycle. It’s clear Marc feels the same way about the place he calls home.

Marc may be running as a Democrat, but the reason I’ll be voting for him is because of his commitment to do what’s good and right for the people of this district, Pennsylvania, and our nation. His efforts to hear the voices of us all, to gather information, and draw conclusions from the ground up, not the top down, are refreshing and leave me feeling optimistic about what we can achieve together.

Lori Bedell
Centre County, Pennsylvania


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